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Salty Sister “Land Cruise” to Port of Tampa

by Leslie Jeffery, Painter in Miscellaneous

Jan. 2016 – In addition to weekly sailing, the Salty Sisters go on “Land Cruises” to enjoy unique non-sailing activities. These are particularly popular with older members who have stopped racing. They’ve included Tour of The Vinoy,  Salvage Shopping in Sarasota, Art Tours and such. Last year we went on a tour of the Port of Tampa. One of our members grandson was the captain. All nautical gals, we really enjoyed this up close look. I took dozens and dozens of photos. One striking image was the large, I mean huge, yellow tanker, the Tanja Kosan. This painting took me all year off and on as I usually don’t work with such detail. The  canvas is 48″ x 48″. Check it out.